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​Document scanning is the process in which paper documents are converted to digital images; these images are typically saved in PDF or TIFF file formats. After scanning, the image files are then saved onto a flash drive, CD/DVD, or emailed and then uploaded to almost any computer system. The flash drive or CD/DVD then serves as backup data storage in the event of a computer crash, theft, natural disasters, etc.

​Scanned documents can be located in seconds with the proper indexing, whereby documents are arranged and ordered for easy retrieval. Determining the best indexing strategy depends on the type of files and how they are to be found. Setting up the file structure for optimal searches is critical for user-friendly, fast access. “Word searchable” files also can be created, allowing a search for files containing specific words in any of the documents. This can be a very powerful tool when it is necessary to quickly find documents containing key words or phrases.

Once files arrive at one of our facilities, they are first disassembled by removing staples, clips, and other fasteners. Next the documents will be fed through the scanner to be scanned and indexed. Then all files are carefully reviewed to ensure accuracy for quality control. Lastly, all documents are reassembled to their original condition unless the client would prefer to have them shredded. These steps in our processes are critical to ensure our clients’ complete confidence in their final product.

​Document scanning is the ultimate solution for any company that wants to store their documents in the most efficient manner, locate documents quickly, and eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome storage. The ability to access any page or file in seconds without ever leaving your desk is very cost efficient. No more wasted time looking through boxes for file folders! No need to make copies or fax pages, as this is now automated at the touch of a button, right from your computer. The revolution in document technology is here to stay.